Colors…Shades of Life ( Review I )

Colors ( Neelam Saxena Chandra)

Owing to her experience and talent Neelam Saxena Chandra did a marvelous job with her poem – Colors and it was the best choice to be the start of the book.

Through Colors she explored the emotions of an artist and his/her relation with colors. “These colors… They simply refuse to go away”  🙂

Reading between the lines this poem also conveys the thought to enjoy the simple moments of life rather than worrying about the end as everything in life is temporary.

Applause to the writer for such a sweet, short and thought provoking brilliance!

Rating : 4.25/5

Black & White ( Namrata M)

Life is all about the Good and the Bad , the black and the white. They always co-exist together to make beautiful tangle called LIFE”

Black & White tells you a tale of Broken soul who lives with her blackness scared and scarred. With her tragic childhood experiences she turned towards drugs and self injury embracing darkness until Dr Sridhar entered her life.

The shade of love casts white to her life; This story tells you Life is all about second chances ; mix of both white and black.

The exchange between Sridhar and her is something that will touch your heart.

An elegant story 🙂

Rating : 4.5/5

My Friend Mrs Kutty (Gunjan Mishra)

This one struck me with its name; might be the South Indian in me felt connected 😉

The story is about the friendship and bond between the narrator and Mrs Kutty in an army background irrespective of their different backgrounds and different culture.

The shade of friendship is bright in this simple piece of work.

Rating 4/5.

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