Colors… Shades of Life ~ Review II


And after a long break here i am with review of next set of stories of this beautiful anthology – Shades of Life: Colors 🙂

Eternal Colors of Nature ~  by Debashish Mishra

This poem links the beauty of mother nature around you to emotions and feelings; how it could captivate you, enthrall you, empower you , make life colorful….

It teaches you that each day is a colorful festivity and every moment is to enjoy making beauty immortal!

… ” The world is filled with colors galore,
Each day is a colorful festivity;
Every moment you amass more and more,
There is no end to beauty”

Rating: 4

Silent Offering ~ by Purba Chakraborty

Just like the name there is something silent in it; those emotions… those feelings…

Its about this lady who sorts out with the empty feeling in her with the help of a visitor in her life. I loved the plot and the writing , especially the end note… which says some people are not meant to stay forever in our life but to pay a small visit to show us something that we were unable to see. Brilliance!

Rating: 4.25

Rangeelo ~ by Vibhuti Bhandarkar

It is not the first time, i am reading a story of Vibhuti ji and I remember her right because of the extra ordinary touch her stories hold; there will be something different , something out of the box in it and this one too follows such fashion.

It is about this artist and a magic painting or is it himself; his conscious?! 😉 … How his confidence was regained. The writing style, the it is pulled off and explained is superb!

Rating: 4.5

Life Is Unknown ~ by Diwakar Pokhriyal

This one in different with the Poetry Form explained with the devices used in it, which is informative. And it is indeed to bring out a poem with such schemes implemented fitting the theme; special applause to the poet for that 😀

It is about life with layers to think upon in each line and I think the poet to an extend succeeded in not losing the essence taking care of the devices.

Rating: 4

Down Memory Lane ~ by Vidhya and Saravana

Down memory lane reminded me of the movie UP ; the memories of the couple! I really loved those sweet moments or say sweet memories explained , especially the proposal ( that made me smile ) .

The authors adding themselves in that unpredictable end … I am impressed 🙂 .
I found specifying the count of beers and cigarettes a little OFF.

Rating: 4.25

The Color Of Healing

… In the backdrop of Onam festival in Kerala, this story explains the color of healing; the pookalam that rekindled the integrity of a family. I connected well with the story or rather the Keralite in me bonded well. I really loved the plot, the feel and the emotions involved in it.

Rating: 4.5

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