Review: A Mystical Majesty (Ruchika Rastogi)

A Mystical Majesty The Woman by [Rastogi, Ruchika]


The book is about a journey of a girl. How she undergoes transformation at each stage of her life? How she tackles her problems and comes out to be a winner? Why being a girl is a blessing in disguise? Are some of the many issues that are discussed in this book.

Book Review~

A Mystical Majesty shows us a generalized version of a girl’s life, her voyage throughout in the sail of life! Each phase or step in her life is depicted in an inspiring way, her problems , issues, situations that she used to face… solutions, suggestions … all are covered considerately.

The best part of the book is Ms Kiran Bedi’s speech segment added and inclusion of poems depicting each stage.The writing style is nice. The thoughts and messages delivered by the book is to be appreciated. It is thought provoking and inspirational. The lines that strike me include: A small useful garment, which when ironed properly enhances your prestige but when kept improperly lowers your lineage. and Space, essentially is never conquered, it’s always acquired, with the consciousness of the thought that emerges inside the individual only. The book will tell you what it takes to be a woman and it will surely change the way you see her! With real life examples and author’s own views it connects with the readers like a mentor.

The content divided as units did not please me as I felt it gave a text book feeling which is the last thing I need. I believe that if it was presented through a strong plot; a fiction… it would have gained more interest. Even the book cover can be better. The pictorial representations in black & white for me was unnecessary.

I would rate this book 3.5/5 🙂 and recommends it to my readers.

About the Author~

The author of this book, Ruchika Rastogi is a Post Graduate in English subject and has a specialization degree as Bachelors in Education along with Diploma in Hearing Language and Speech. This is a professional degree as a One year course in speech therapy for the individuals who have speaking and conversation problems either by birth or have developed the same during developing years.

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