Spotlight On Shivi Pandey

Today the spotlight is on the passionate writer Shivi Pandey , author of Love Story? Seriously! Lets hear from him …

  • What books/authors have most influenced your life and what made you to write, Love Story? Seriously!
    • Particularly I do not know what books or author influenced me because it was a cumulative process for me. Writing this book was a way to explore my creativity and try my hands at writing because I felt I had that natural inclination towards writing.
  • What is the message in your novel you would hope or want your readers to grasp?
    • Today’s generation is very fickle minded and tends to give up on life very easily and here the protagonist Samar doesn’t give up on life and continues despite being unsuccessful many times.
  • In ‘love story, seriously?’, I noticed your different way of interaction with readers. As if you know what they are thinking or at some part you have stopped them to think in a different way. Is this your notion of conversing or you wanted something new?
    • Well, it is my way of conversing as well as making the read interesting and interactive. I hope readers enjoy it.
  • What were the hardest parts that you faced while writing this book?
    • The hardest part is the writer’s block. What I did to get rid of it is a bit irrational but I will definitely be true here and share it with you. Usually when a writer faces a block he or she stops writing but what I did is kept on writing the absurd things non-stop and later edited it to make sense and so something very rare and unique came out. Even I had not expected this behavior from me. Typical isn’t it?
  • What are your ambitions for writing career? Would you like/ prefer to become a full time author?
    • I am looking forward to my next book which is half complete. Obviously I would like to be a full timer. Let’s see by when can I achieve it.
  • What does your family think of your writing? How did they react when they came to know about your book?
    • My family has always been very supportive towards my writing. A lot of shock and surprise moment were there when they came to know about my book.
  • What would you like to suggest to upcoming authors/ writers?
    • It’s the writer who has to decide whether and what he wants to write and not the market trend because a writer’s intention should be to gain readers and not money. Also the writer must write his heart out in whatever he pens down.
  • What were your goals for this book? And how well do you feel you have achieved them?
    • My goal was to reach millions of hearts and I feel I am still not there but I am very much confident that soon I will.
  • Protagonist has described three best people in his life; What is your most important thing or goal in your life?
    • The most important thing in life is satisfaction and that is my goal too. As I said I want to reach millions of hearts.
  • What makes your book stand out from the crowd?
    • Same old boring romance fiction, same characters and same plot. Why always the same love story? Why not try Love story? Seriously!
  • What tactics do you have while writing- just write or draw an outline then write?
    • I always have the start and end pre-determined and then I write and edit and re-edit as I go along with the script.
  • What is your favorite part of the book?
    • The end is my favorite. I mean the climax.
  • How did you decide the title of this book?
    • To be very straightforward, although I wrote the entire book I didn’t decide the title because I was unable to. Indeed my friend read the first draft and came up with the title Love Story? Seriously! and I was like, yes this is it!

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