The Monsoon Murders (Karan Parmanandka) ~ Book Review


Dishonourably dismissed from the police force, Roy has been
condemned to a life of obscurity. The twist in the tale comes with the
murder of a well-known man in the Mumbai finance circle. Roy is hired by
the self made tycoon Jayesh Kumar to probe the case. While Roy is
excited at the chance at redemption, he fails to understand why he
became the chosen one.
What looks at first an open and shut case, quite rapidly evolves into a tale
of deceit and revenge. Roy must take care not to fall for the suspect, and
not to see things as they appear. As his personal life gets tied to the
success of the case, the question becomes, not whether he can have
faith in strangers, but whether he can trust his friends.
Inspired from real life cases, The Monsoon Murders is a
fast-paced detective novel, taking the Indian crime fiction genre to
mysterious depths.


The Monsoon Murders takes you along with Roy, a dismissed cop turned private detective to solve the murder case of Arun Ruia, an eminent employee of Fox Capital, a renowned business empire… but why was he chosen? Is it a murder or suicide or there is something deeper linked to it? Who all can you trust while solving a case? The story takes you through it all.

Brilliant execution is what that makes The Monsoon Murders stand out of the rest. I loved the author’s experiment with Indian crime fiction genre coupled with mystery as it worked out just right for me. There is layers of suspense and mystery to it and as you read on, each of the puzzle peice will fall in right places and trust me, when you finally think this is figured out, you get a new piece to make it more complex and intriguing. In spite of having multiple characters of importance and multiple mysteries going on it was amazingly presented with no scope of confusion to the readers. The story is very promising and the fact that it is inspired from real life cases makes it all the more interesting. The final … connecting of all dots to the revelation is simply superb. The cases are solved… yes! but not with some happy faces or some heroic drama but with a bunch of realistic messed up people who survived it.

As i said among the layers of the story, one layer or fragment reminded me of a movie i saw and it made me guess things easily.  The connection that formed between Roy and Alina was obvious and I found Alina’s past or mishappening disturbing for the character she is/was shown to be but then it was something new too.  Also there is this experiment Roy conducts to track the bullets path using tubes but i guess use of laser beams might have been easier you know, they never bent do they!? 😉

I would rate this book 4.75/5 stars 🙂 *special applause* to the author for such a master piece!

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About the Author:

Having graduated from one of the most prestigious B Schools of India, Karan Parmanandka is currently an investment banker by day and author by night. He loves Kafka, Gaiman, Bergman and Zepplin. He hates tying his shoe laces.


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