Odyssey of a Postmaster (Debaprasad Mukherjee) ~ Book Review


The skinny, bare bodied boy of an East Bengal village is willing to do whatever it takes to visit the newest entertainment buzz; motion picture. The passion is pursued in later life with whatever be it: carrying cash of bank in the oddest possible manner, escaping disguised in the coal-heap of an engine from an alienated land, rearing tiger cub in Orissa forest, finding moorings in a hitherto unknown land, and……giving shape to a goal……not cherished by many. Obstacles, barriers are ways of life; let them come. What matters is the satisfaction at the end of the day. That is Sanjoy for you; the Ulysses, or Odysseus by his own rights. He savours the beauty of the hilly terrains with the same gusto as he has his romance with telegrams. Torrid times like escapade from Pakistan, death of the first child or imprisonment during postal strike are taken with equanimity. There is a bit of Sanjoy in everybody; yet, can everyone be an Odysseus?


Life is a journey… an odyssey… where the destination is not important but the journey itself is…”

Odyssey of a Postmaster took me on a journey with Sanjoy from east-Bengal village; his life. From his childhood he was interested in the happenings around him and adventures delighted his mind and soul. He grew up hearing and observing the stories that unfolded around him; to become a postmaster. His marriage stopped him from his wanderlust but his post and life gave him more to hold and fight, much to his adventure spirit. As you walk along with him through the story, his world presents you much more than you expect… grab a copy to know…

First things first, there is a lot more than what is given in the blurb and you will love it for sure. Through Sanjoy’s life the author was able to pitch in a lot of things for the reader. The writing style impressed me as there was third person narration as well as Sanjoy’s thoughts to balance it and the detailing of the places aided in forming the scenes in mind. The plot is deep and meaningful, its like a series of events. Sanjoy’s yearning for his passion and his will to do whatever for what that matters to him will touch you. The letters given in the story is like icing on the cake as it connects more with the readers and creates that emotional binding. It’s about moving on life, come what may and that is the greatest adventure you can have. Like the blurb says you will find a bit of Sanjoy in everybody even yourself. I liked the title and book cover too.

What was off is that there was a lot too much and it takes patience to catch up with all the happenings in the plot but then that itself makes the book outstanding.

I will rate this 4.5/5 🙂 and recommends it all the book lovers out there 😀

Grab Your Copy from:  Amazon


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