Book Review – Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh (N S Ravi)


The three Khans, Akbar, Amit and Chris, spelt their surnames differently but the Indian filmgoer still liked them. They were the uncrowned kings and superstars of the Hindi film industry. ‘Uncrowned’ meant there was no clarity about who was better than the other. This confusion was on display from the way they tried to run down each other in private and public.
Baba Ram Karim was everything rolled into one-a philanthropist, businessman, film financier, race horse breeder, educationist and much more. Some called him Don behind his back!
The three superstars indulge in ruckus and childish behaviour during Baba’s famous Iftar party where they were invitees. A furious and unhappy Baba plans retribution and calls it Khan Vs Kahn Vs Kanh.


Lights… Camera … Action!!! this what came to my mind first when I took Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh to read 😉 it took me to meet 3 khans of Bollywood with spelling difference in their surname. Working in the same field on an equal level and fan following, they were like feathers of the same bird yet so different. Things get interesting when they gets caught up for retribution by the unhappy Baba for their doings.

It was so refreshing to read such a different and new plot line; Khan vs Kahn vs Kanh presents you something entirely distinctive… bored of all the romance and old-wine-in-new-bottles? This is your pick!!! I loved how it explores the bollywood world behind and before the lights and camera… after all bollywood inside happenings are always hot topics. The author succeeded in inculcating that glamorous lifestyle in this book. The brief history of Indian Cinema given is informative as well as interesting. Another highlight is that how each character carries themselves in the plot; it is sketched out well, their individual change and growth according to the happenings of life!

The book cover could have been much-much better and the content is a bit lengthy but overall its an impressive one!

I will rate this 4.75 / 5 😀 . As i said, tired of similar and predictable reads?! This one is your pick!

Grab your copy from: Amazon


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