Book Review ~ Demons in My Mind (Aashish Gupta)


Dakshesh, an old man in Sirubari village suffering from cancer, wishes to be released from the excruciating pain. He requests the villagers to take him to the three monks. They are all intrigued by the legend of the mystical three monks. No one has seen them but only heard stories of miraculous healing they offered.
Knowing that the sick man’s death is imminent, the villagers leave him alone near the Pashupatinath temple hoping that the three monks, if they exist, would embrace him on the holy land. The old man wakes up to the sight of the three monks, but only to know that they are no saints but notorious criminals. What they tell Dakshesh in his last few breaths, shakes his entire perception of humanity and its sins


One day I chased the problem, Next day, the problem chased me, and kept chasing me forever – becoming  bigger and bigger, collecting the sand of time. Small battles with the mind every day turned into big unceasing wars.                                                                        This book is dedicated to those who are fighting similar wars with the mind. I want to tell them, no one can understand our struggles better than us. This book is a message that you are not alone.                                            ~ Demons In My Mind

Demons in my mind follows the path of a kind soul Dakshesh who wished nothing but an easy death, who is in his sick bed with excruciating pain rethinking what went wrong in his life for such kind of suffering; he believes that The Three Monks will be able to save him from this dilemma. What he expects to be a divine enlightenment turns out to something least expected, after all the face of truth is said to be dirty. The so-called three monks show him the strength of human mind or to be clear, the truth of human life.

It is indeed an outstanding and daring content that the book presented. It explores the darkness of human mind or say, its power; it sketches human life in grey shade. The writing style and presentation stick you to the pages, it is a thought striker and there is a great deal to ponder over from its content. Through the three monks the author presents you three different stories, three different dark tales where a man helplessly falls prey to the chaos of mind and circumstances. it conveys solid points to be reflected or pursue.

The only thing that put me off about it is that it took a great deal of time to frame up things which displeased my impatient soul a bit.

My rating for this book will be 4.5 / 5 😀 Book lovers who would love to read deep and thought provoking content, this is your pick!

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